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Where tutoring is made fun and affordable. We are offering the best and most accessible tutoring solutions to students across the globe. Either you are learning a new language or struggling with English (among other subjects), you can receive all the help you need on our platform. All it takes is for you to sign up today!


Social Academia is an online tutoring platform for students and professionals. On a one-to-many or one-to-one basis, our students are matched with the best and most experienced instructors in their geographical locations. All our sessions are held online, 2 times a week, and cover 2 subjects (English and Deutsch) for various school grades (1 through 13). Tutoring has never been more accessible. A smart device, an internet connection, and dedication will guarantee you success.

Peter (Boston)
"Best French courses! I took French on Social Academia last month and significantly improved my communication skills in French--Bonjour madame, comment allez-vous? Our group instructor was very savvy and patient. I loved it!"



One-to-Many: Online and in-Person group tutoring with instructor(s) and students from equal grades.


Our instructors are native language experts.They have the qualifications and are missioned to helping desiring students to effectively learn new languages.


Students who need private tutoring sessions can request them from the interface. They will be matched with an expert tutor.


Our enterprise language packages are designed to meet the needs of your employees. Our instructors are flexible, experienced, and dedicated to your team. This offer is fully customizable. Speak to our sales team about it.

Wesley (Berlin)
"Before I started using Social Academia, I was struggling with math and physics. I was feeling challenged in class and could not figure out both subjects. Once I signed up and started taking live tutoring lessons on S.A., my grades significantly improved. I would strongly recommend this platform to every student."

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Premium Trio


Monthly (+24.99 € yearly registration fee)

  • 3 Subjects (French + German + English or Math
  • 3 Online or in-person Sessions per week (3+1 bonus)
  • Each session lasts 50 minutes
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Gold Duo


Monthly (+24.99 € yearly registration fee)

  • 2 Subjects (French + German or English).
  • 2 Online or in-person Sessions per week (2+1 bonus)
  • Each session lasts 50 minutes
  • 1-School Year Coverage + Holidays' program

899.88 € Total per year
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Monthly (+24.99 € yearly registration fee)

  • 1 Subject (French, German, or English).
  • 1 Online or in-Person Session per week (2+1 per month)
  • Each session lasts 50 minutes
  • 1-School Year Coverage + Holidays' program
479.88 € Total per year
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Marie (High school, Tampa)
"At first, French was very difficult for me to learn. With Social Academia, it became simpler with the clear explanations of our instructor. I even booked him for two 1-on-1 sessions. Since then, my French is so much better, and I intend to take Spanish this summer."

Our Team

Our team includes very motivated teachers and tutors who are committed to your success. "Frank is passionate about tutoring. He has over 7 years of experience." "Robert is a very creative tutor. He has been teaching languages for five years." Here are some of our happy students. Book today!


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How does it work? Users get to sign up from our webpage (entering their information and selecting their desired plan). Once their data have been submitted, they will receive an automatic confirmation email. The second email they will receive from us will be to confirm that their account has been created, and they will be prompted to creating a password and then receiving access to their scheduled sessions.
Placement Test
All students are required to take a placement test before attending any session. Tests will be provided to them right after their registration and before tutoring sessions.

Payments Language programs involve a single payment of 89.99€ for 20 sessions. E-Tutoring and E-Tutoring Premium plans are purchased in 2 steps: first-the annual package purchase of 119.99€ OR 179.99€, second-the annual registration fee of 24.99€. Registration payments are completed separately through a different transaction (invoices are sent to parents or users as needed).

Users younger than 14 years As we do service students and users from a wide age spectrum, we invite parents of students younger than 14 years of age to assist and accompany their children through the registration and attendance processes. If further assistance becomes needed, parents can reach out to us for some accommodations. We tend to respond to inquiries made through our website quicker. We also have a phone line and chat support available, but they can be delayed at times due to enquiries' traffic.

What to expect in a regular session? Users are expected to be on time and to meet their instructor on our teaching interface. After or during a course presentation they will have a chance to ask questions or provide their contributions. Each session includes a live presentation and interaction with an instructor, homework/quizz, writing, and discussion/conversation. At the end of the session, users will complete homework, receive course materials, and access a discussion panel as well (all these students' resources are made available on the student's interface, free of charge).

Protocol Sessions are Live (online). Prior to starting each one, users will receive a reminder and a link to join the course. Our primary language is English. Because our community includes various nationalities, users can translate the text from both our website and interface using their respective browser(s). - They should download GoogleMeet and Zoom as these are some of the platforms we are using besides our internal interface. - They should attempt signing in 10-15 minutes before the beginning of each session for attendance purposes. Each live session closes 5 minutes after the beginning of the class. While logged in, users will need to mute their microphone and follow along. If or when they have a question, they can select the "Raise Hand" feature from the interface to catch their instructor's attention. Because our sessions are very interactive, they could also ask questions through the chat or message their instructor after class.

How do I contact my instructor? If students have a question regarding a subject covered during a session, they can contact their instructor through the feature "Message" on the student's interface. The instructor will then respond to that message as soon as available.

What if I need a one-to-one? We dedicated team of instructors are available to accept 1-to-1 requests from students or users. Users can request such services from their interface (Book a Session). Once the session is confirmed, the instructor will be notified and will be able to either accept or pass it on to another member of the team (for availability reasons). Although rates may vary, the usual fee starts at 8€ per hour).

What if I missed a lesson? We understand that certain events can escape your control. If you happened to miss a lesson, we will place you in the next available session (based on availability/open seat). Otherwise, you will receive a video link of the lesson that you have missed, and any of your questions can be sent to your instructor. This feature is only available upon request.

What is the difference among all three the packages? Each package is designed in a unique way. While the "Languages" package (20 lessons covered in 4-5 weeks) is independent from regular school programs, it is purchasable any time.The other two are very similar. However, the E-Tutoring Premium package offers access to our virtual library with sessions' rewatch possibilities.